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Death, tears and parenting

*A quick thank you, again, to all the ladies who commented on my last post.  Your advice and support really does make a difference and I appreciate every word!* I’m a little overdue on writing this post.  It’s been brewing … Continue reading

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FOMO Baby: A story of sleep

FOMO: “A Fear of Missing Out. The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great.” ~ The Urban Dictionary A few weeks ago, my darling baby girl decided to stop sleeping.  At … Continue reading

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“Benevolent Ruler”: my PAIL Parenting Themed Post

When it comes to parenting, I admit I haven’t spent much time figuring out the kind of parenting style I want to follow.  A successful day at my house more or less implies some kind of positive night sleep to … Continue reading

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On an unrelated topic: Vag bleaching!?!

My sister recently posted this link on her Facebook wall, and I admit that I hurried off to read it, despite Simran being ready for a nap and fussing in my lap.  I mean, how could you turn up checking … Continue reading

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IVF: What a difference a year makes

One year ago (plus a few days), I went in for my embyro transfer (link to original post).  I was optimistic, excited, nervous but so hopeful that everything would turn out great…skip to three days later when I was a … Continue reading

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The early days…

NH and Simran_135

I can’t believe you were so small just a short while ago my love.

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The Pregnancy Rundown

My life is completely full of pregnant women…no really.  This isn’t just the hyper-focused on pregnancy former infertile talking, or the new mom…people all around me truly are making babies like there was something dropped into the water at a … Continue reading

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